It is with the experience of having documented kids and families in Chicago for 17 years and the heart of a mama who fought long and hard to bring her children into the world that I approach documenting your family. 

I know how precious every single moment is and I also know that those goofy things your kids do - those silly faces they make, their refusal to put that matchbox car down, their insistence on toting their lovey EVERYWHERE, or their obsession with wearing that one particular shirt - are exactly the things you'll want to remember a few years down the road when they've already grown and changed. 



Our Niche is Legacy

We are honored to document your family legacy. From maternity to newborn babies... to family milestones big and small. Sessions for special seasons, and sessions for no reason at all.

We value the lifelong relationships we build with our clients are are honored to capture every chapter of their lives in Chicagoland & beyond.






Our Mission

Is to capture you and your family exactly as you are. To document parenthood and family life in all its messy, comical, real, raw beauty.

My goal is always to capture your family in a beautifully natural and real way. I want you to feel something when you look back on these images years down the road... to remember the sound of their little laugh, the feel of their sloppy kisses on your mouth... their tiny chubby hands wrapped in your hair. 



I know it can be nerve-wracking booking a family session because you never know how your kids are going to act, right?! Trust me, as a mama to 3 little ones of my own (2 of them being twin boys!!) - I GET IT. Thankfully, I got your back. 

Over the 17 years I've spent photographing families and the last 8 years a mom to my own kids, I have a few tricks up my sleeve.

The fact of the matter is - kids just want to have fun, they want to have some agency, and they want to feel seen. As long as you trust me to do my thing, and promise me you'll just LET GO and HAVE FUN with your kids during our time together...
I can assure you it is going to be AMAZING.

Now, let's make some magic, shall we?! 



I cannot thank you enough for the incredibly beautiful photos. Thank you for capturing the most important people in my life in such a fun, creative, and beautiful way.

- shannon

WOW. Always blown away by the intimate moments you capture. You would never know he was shy & hard to make laugh and smile. Makes me so happy to have these beautiful moments in time captured. A little piece of treasure.

- lauren

Oh Christy, these are perfect! The last few weeks have been so hard, but these are such a sweet reminder of the good parts. On top of that…how beautiful that these photos will outlive us, because I know she will love them as much as we do.

- katie

I’m so amazed at your talent. We so rarely are all in the frame and having this sliver of our life captured, beautifully at that, means the world to me. It’s a gift I know I’ll treasure forever & so will my boys. I hope they look back at these and see, as is evident to me, just how loved they have always been.

- caitlin

Ready to capture your family in a real and authentically beautiful way?!


Chicago family session investments range from 1450 - 2950 depending on the session type and whether it is shot on digital, film or both.
We also offer seasonal Chicago mini sessions to our VIP email list. If you're interested in being added to the list - sign up below!