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for the nostalgic

Capturing honest moments for down to earth & joy-filled people



Moment driven photography with heart

At the core of how we approach photography is our innate urge to slow time down and to appreciate the beauty in each moment.

Our clients understand the little moments in life are actually BIG moments.

 Knowing time is fleeting, they love fiercely and unabashedly.

They own their boisterous belly laughs and enjoy deep conversations.

If this sounds like you... you're in the right place.


meet christy and james

Experts at capturing the heart of your wedding day with ease. We are humbled & honored to capture love stories side by side.

While photography was the connection that first brought us together in Chicago, we never could have dreamed this is how our life would look all these years later.

It is truly the honor of a lifetime to be welcomed into families to help preserve their story and legacy through joyful, honest, and emotional imagery.

As parents to our own rambunctious crew of kiddos, the importance of what we do is never lost on us.

Relax and soak in every second with your people.

The best memories (and photos) happen when you are fully present and in the moment. But how do we get to that point?

Simple. We are passionately devoted to exceeding your highest expectations.

With open communication throughout the entire process, we truly listen to what your vision is for the day and what matters most to you, which means we are prepared to the utmost degree to handle your day with ease, grace & the care you deserve. 

In turn, you can relax and bask in each moment as it unfolds, trusting we are capturing it in all its beauty.

You made the entire process so easy and special and, on top of it all, you and James are simply incredibly human beings. There is no one else we’d rather have with us on such an important day. 


We bring a positive & calm presence to the hustle and bustle of the day

Unpretentious, honest, and kind-hearted. We are invisible when we need to be, and ready to step in and help whenever necessary as well. We value our shared humanity, and always lead with humility & our own quirky sense of humor.

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How could we EVER thank you enough for capturing our day so beautifully? You got the big moments and the little moments; the energy of the day shines through and we feel transported to our perfect day in every single photo.

- sydney + todd