The trust we share with our clients is one of the main reasons we are able to capture the honest moments we do. Part of that trust is fostered by getting to know one another on a human level.We'd love to share more about the two of us here to get the conversation started! 



Before I even get to their talent, I have to share what kind, loving, & genuine people they are...

They exude warmth and happiness - are down to earth and true to themselves every step of the way. They care deeply about every couple they work with and take such pride in being part of their special day. The magic of a wedding day and the process of planning it is never lost on them. 

Before I even get to their talent, I have to share what kind, loving, & genuine people they are...


Hello there!
Meet Christy.

Professional reader of the room & empath, founder & lead photographer, detail-oriented type-A virgo, and undisputed queen of befriending your grandma.

Christy's warmth, openness & down-to-earth nature regularly has strangers sharing the most intimate parts of their life story with her while in line at the grocery store.

She is equal parts creative/artistic as she is analytical & Type A organized. Her optimism and exceptional ability to always see the best in people results in the beautifully unique lens from which she views (& documents) the world. 

Those closest to her knows she loves to play jokes on people and feels best when she's making others laugh.

favorite part of my job?
getting to have a killer dance party at the end of every work day!

Meet James.

Cool & collected under pressure, always ready with a funny quip to break the tension in any room, dogs & kids love him, and the undisputed winner of best belly laugh.

James' grounded and calming presence helps put those around him at ease & gives him an uncanny ability to capture people‚Äôs true selves. 

His friends would describe him as loyal, funny & honest, and his kids would describe him as their human jungle gym & constant companion.

His dad jokes and child-like zest for life are constant reminders for others not to take themselves too seriously.

favorite part of my job?
getting better photos of a moment than christy. I'm just a little competitive. ;)


With 15 years of experience in reading a room, analyzing light, and anticipating the most minute interactions, Christy & James are experts at capturing the heart of a wedding day with ease.

Their humble, non-intrusive and warm approach is appreciated and applauded by vendor partners and clients alike.

They pride themselves on conveying the warmth and humanity of their subjects, and always ensure clients feel like the best version of themselves in the images they create.

Couples and their loved ones have noted how effortless it was to feel at peace in both James & Christy's presence, allowing them to capture their true nature in the most authentic and honest way.

You truly go above and beyond in what you do for your clients. We are so grateful to have found you.

- abbey + kevin


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Giving Back

For us, running a successful business would mean nothing if we weren't using it for good. We believe wholeheartedly in giving back a portion of our proceeds every year and have since day one.

  • We donate a portion of each wedding we book to PAWS Chicago, where we adopted our sweet old rescue pup!
  • Each holiday season we sponsor a local Chicago family through I Grow Chicago's holiday gift program.
  • Our hearts also lie with helping youth with a strong desire to attend college make those dreams a reality through UNCF.


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Ready to make this official already?
Us too!

We can't wait to hear all about the two of you and what you have envisioned for your wedding day and photography! Christy is a chronic over-sharer who loves exclamation points, so don't be shy... Tell us everything! Use all the exclamation points!!!!

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