Born & raised Wisconsinite, and  proud Wisconsin alum! 
Bachelor/Bachelorette junkie.
Giant spreadsheet nerd. 
Type A (see above).
Die-hard Packer fan at odds in the Windy City.
Dreamt (okay, dreams) of being on the cast of SNL.
Believes cheese makes everything better, garlic should be doubled in all recipes, and cooking is best done while drinking an IPA and dancing like a total dork.
Incredibly sentimental which means she cries during most commercials, movies... and definitely at your wedding.


Born in South Carolina & raised all over the southeast coast. 
Giant kid at heart and fiercely loyal to those he loves. 
Will play basketball until he throws his back out.
Dogs have always been some of his best friends.
Believes that you should value honesty, say I love you every day, and never take yourself too seriously.
Has an amazingly contagious belly laugh. 
Loves to make the world feel like a smaller place by getting into conversations with strangers while they're at work everywhere he goes... post office workers, grocery store clerks, or wait staff at restaurants... all seem to know him by name (& love him).  


Set up by a mutual friend at a birthday party in March 2007. 
Didn't like each other (at all) after their first conversation.
Had our first kiss in the back of a dive bar (as you do).
First said "I love you" at that same bar. (Keeping it classy!)
Got married along the water in Green Lake, WI.
Battled infertility for 6 long years to start our family.
Been shooting weddings as a team since 2010. 
275+ weddings later and still loving every minute of it!


our favorite things 









my favorite things 

Born in South Carolina and raised all over the southeast coast.
Unapologetically himself.
Fiercely loyal.
Giant kid at heart.
Always reading & trying to learn something new every day.
Will play basketball until he throws his back out.
Dogs have always been some of his best friends. Has an amazingly contagious belly laugh.


We believe in Bloody Mary's as an appetizer for breakfast, lunch or dinner - depending on the day! The more toppings, the merrier! (It's practically a salad then, right?!) And no Bloody Mary is complete without a refreshing chaser of craft beer to keep it company, of course!

We believe there's nothing like the love of a dog! They have the playfulness and zest for life of a child, the loyalty of an old friend, and always remind you not to take yourself too seriously. We are crazy dog people and aren't afraid to say it! 

We believe Sundays are best spent donning your team's colors, eating super cheesy game day snacks, and sipping on a local craft brew. "Football Sundays" are a weekly holiday in the Tyler house and football season is our favorite time of year (even though we root for different teams)!

We believe there should be at least 3 times as many throw blankets in a home as there are people and animals. Chloe agrees wholeheartedly with our belief (and regularly tries to work herself under a blanket for nap)! 

You didn't think you'd get away without us gushing about the loves of our lives - did you?! After battling infertility for 6 years, welcoming 3 beautiful children into the world was the blessing of our lives! As James says - everyday is like Christmas morning!